Silver Brooch for Alienor Hathaway

This assignment was for someone I had never met (but I have since met!) She is a musician that had been playing in the SCA for a fairly long time but was newish to the East Kingdom. From what I was told, she is very passionate about all things bardic and often is taking classes, teaching classes, visiting bardic circles and encouraging others. I met her for the first time in person recently while she was at a bardic class that was next to the classroom I was teaching my scribal class! 

The inspiration piece I chose was a 16th century choirbook from the Netherlands. I choose a choirbook from this time period because her persona information in the assignment said either 12th century English or Tudor. I went with the latter because a Tudor era choirbook seemed extra appropriate (even if I did not put actual music in this assignment.) 

The not so good: I am still working on small cadels and flourishing to make letters and names stand out. The red definitely makes the important parts stand out (and bonus, it’s pretty appropriate for this style scroll) but I think I need to work on my flourishes to make them fit in better. 

The good: I really enjoy doing this style scroll. I wasn’t sure how it would be without the gold background (on the right side of the piece) but I think it came together nicely. What I really like about it is that even though it’s simple, it looks complete. 



Materials: gouache, iron gall ink by Ian the Green, and Calli red ink on Bristol

Words by Nicol mac Donnchaidh (amazing as always)

Source: Royal 8 G vii


These things are always really hard to start. At least the very first post because probably some of you know me already because I’ve told you I’m starting a blog so introducing myself seems tedious. But, perhaps there are some that stumbled onto this page through wordpress recomendations or seeing a friend of a friend like it and… maybe you want to know what this is all about. So as a compromise, I’m going to introduce myself but keep it short and sweet.

My name is Embla and I’ve been doing sca things for about a year and a half now. I live in Malagentia with my dog Leona.  I have many passions and there are too many amazing things to explore to focus on just one. So I find myself darting between a wide variety of things such as calligraphy and illumination, lampworking (beads or most recently game pieces), pottery, sewing, the very beginnings of weaving, archery, fighting heavy list, and exploring cut & thrust. There may be things I’m missing that I’ll bring up later!

Mundanely, I’m a neuroscience student on my last year of undergraduate studies. After I graduate I hope to go to graduate school and eventually focus on helping those with substance use disorder. All this sometimes makes balancing “real life” and “sca life” difficult but I try my best to manage 🙂

So now that I’ve introduced myself, I’m going to go start updating some posts with some projects I’ve done recently! Thanks for being here! ❤

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