Golden Mantle for Safiya al-Naghira

I’m so very behind on this blog. I don’t think I’ll go back and put everything I’ve done in the last couple of years but a lot of it is on my facebook if you are interested. It’s not as in depth but it’s something.

I’m finally starting to feel inspired again in all things SCA. The need to get back into it has been slowly growing over the last 6 months or so –maybe since Pennsic– and now I finally feel like I’m back. Getting here though, whew, it was a journey. There were a lot of promises to myself to do things for fun and not obligation, to take time and enjoy things, and to please please please stop comparing myself to others. I’m getting there.

I’m going to update my blog with a few of the pieces I especially enjoyed lately making and then I will try to keep things updated as we move forward.

The first piece I’m posting is a Golden Mantle for Safiya al-Naghira. The manuscript I used for inspiration is the Wonders of Creation, a 16th century Persian manuscript. This book is really intersting to me because it is not what I think of when I consider medieval written works. This books speaks of astrology, cosmology, and natural sciences. It is also absolutely beautifully illuminated.


Overall, this was a fun piece to create. I really enjoy Persian art and I hope I continue to get assignments of this nature. Thanks for reading!