Tyger’s Cub at Birka

This could be my favorite scroll I’ve done as of yet. If not the very favorite, it’s definitely in the top two! I was assigned this Tyger’s Cub and I happened to know the recipient and his family personally. I was excited to reach out to his mom to ask what he might like and I was not disappointed. She mentioned that she had this idea about Pokemon marginalia creatures in the illumination. Now, that’s an idea I can run with ❤

(and quick side note, if a scribe is asking you what kind of things your friend or family member wants on a scroll, this is exactly the kind of thing that I’m looking for! I love trying to incorporate hobbies, interests, things they geek out about, their passions, favorite colors and animals, a picture of the recipient. Honestly… anything helps)

Anyway, she mentioned her son didn’t have a defined persona yet but his parents are from Constantinople in the 10th century. My goal was to create a scroll that was age appropriate but looked period enough from afar and fit close-ish to the period of his parent’s persona. This is what I came up with.

Evan Tyger cub

Evan shiny

Materials: Walnut ink, gouache, gilding, bristol paper

Source: MS 19352 – Feb 1066, Psalter, including Psalm 151 and The Book of Odes (Rahlfs 1088).